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My favourite flower has always been the rose – its sweet, musky scent so typical of an English summer garden. This was the first flower that I created in sugar, and I am still amazed at how real it looked!

My passion for making sugar flowers grew, and I attended some wonderful classes run by Liz Ungless, who gave me the inspiration to make the most intricate of sugar flowers, including the Pineapple Lily, native to Southern Africa!

This, combined with my love of baking, has led to my interest in creating and designing beautiful wedding cakes, as well as special occasion cakes. I firmly believe that it is not just the appearance of the cake that is so important, but the taste as well. So many cakes may look amazing, but the texture and taste is often disappointing. I can guarantee that all my cakes will be given the time, and the attention to detail, that is required to create a cake that is unique and exceptional in every way!

All my cakes are bespoke and made by myself, from design to setup, so that I can take pride in offering a truly personal service.

Garden Roses

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